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High Tech Coatings for the 21st Century

A one-of-a-kind, easy to use finish coat that is far superior to other elastomeric products and paint solutions in Baton Rouge. This space-age, specifically formulated, rubber/acrylic compound not only eliminates air flow through exterior walls, but most importantly is energy efficient, keeping the surface it is applied to cooler and acting as a thermal barrier to the trap heat from escaping in cold weather.

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Sealmark's coatings are VOC Compliant, meeting all government standards. It is environmentally safe in both suspension and cured state, having no harmful vapors to irritate skin or respitory systems. Moreover these state-of-the-art materials will not support combustion (ASTM-E-108) and are water soluble prior to curing. Our coatings not only resist dirt pickup, but also prevent against mold and mildew.

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