Waterproof Paint for Residential Exteriors

Residential exteriors refer to any outside surfaces of a residence, such as a house, apartment or condo unit. Apart from keeping your house looking new and fresh, one of the most important aspects of your exterior paint is to maintain the integrity of your walls from cracks, peeling, fading, mold or mildew and air leaks. With our extreme heat and weather in Baton Rouge, the exteriors of our homes are constantly being challenged and pushed to the limits.

Restoration coating is specially formulated to be better than most waterproof paint products and solutions. Our superior elastomeric compound eliminates the passage of air through the walls, which aids in energy efficiency.

Maintaining the integrity of the walls is crucial to keeping it acting as a thermal barrier (keeping the hot air outside of your house and the cool air inside of your house during the summer, and vice versa during the winter). The super elastomeric properties of our Restoration Coating also allow it to sustain the stress of various movements from buildings.

Will Sealmark Work for My Home?

Residential exteriors in Baton Rouge vary in the materials that they are made of, and can include brick, rubber, stucco, concrete, wood or metal. One of the great things about our Sealmark Waterproof Restoration Coating is that it is compatible with all of these surfaces and more. We are able to apply the coating to nearly any surface. Application can be conducted via a paint brush, a paint roller, or spraying equipment.

The aesthetic appeal of a home says a lot about its owners, and it is important that their personality is able to be expressed while still protecting their homes. We are happy to offer over 300 shades of various colors, as well as the ability to provide a custom match.

We believe in our waterproof elastomeric coatings so much that we offer a 20 year material warranty option. If you are interested in the best protection you can get for your residential exterior, contact Sealmark today!