Waterproof Roof Coatings

Keeping your roof protected, via Sealmark's EN-R-GY Waterproof Roof Coating, is an important factor in keeping your home or other building safe from weather-related elements and maintaining energy efficiency within the structure.

The EN-R-GY Roof Coating is a high-tech solution that can be used on nearly any roofing surface. And since it is a thermal-spheres fortified elastomeric roof coating, it is able to provide durable and lasting protection for multiple applications, including residential, industrial and commercial.

Benefits of EN-R-GY Roof Coating

One of the major benefits to an EN-R-GY Roof solution is its ability to improve energy efficiency in the structure. The combination of unique resins and polymers form a protective coating around your roof that keep your roof from cracking and keeps heat or cold air from escaping. This allows you to be 5 to 8 degrees more conservative on your thermostat settings each day. Living in Baton Rouge, we know that that is a big deal! Our Energy Star compliant coatings also reflect 90% of the UV rays that do the most damage to roofs. In fact, even when heated to the boiling point (212 degrees Farenheit), Sealmark's coating kept the interior 16 degrees cooler than its closest competitor.

Another important characteristic of our Sealmark Roof Coating is its fire resistance. The materials we use are not combustible and have achieved a Class A safety rating. Likewise, Sealmark's roof coatings are 8x more water resistant than typical asphalts. Additional safety is afforded by the resistance to dirt, rain, acid, fungus, chemicals and mildew.

While protection is the most important aspect of a roof, you also want the perfect color to complement your house or building. Though many roof coatings are only available in one or two colors, Sealmark offers over 300 different color shades (plus custom-matched colors).