Restoration Coating

Hi-Tech Exterior Paint for the 21st Century.

A one-of-a-kind, easy to use finish coat that is far superior to other elastomeric products and waterproof paint solutions in the industry. This space-age specially formulated rubber/acrylic compound not only eliminates air flow through exterior walls, but most importantly is energy efficient, keeping the surface it is applied to cooler, acting as a thermal barrier to trap heat from escaping in cold weather.

Available in a full range of colors
Choose from over 300 hues plus custom matches to match any home in Baton Rouge. Sealmark waterproof paint can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray equipment. This results in a smooth satin finish, with a 20 year material warranty available. Only soap and water cleanup is required.

Can be applied to virtually any surface
From existing stucco surfaces to glazed brick, rubber, cured concrete, wood, metal, or other structurally stable or previously painted substrates

While passing this critical rubber stretch test
Super elastomeric properties allow Restoration Coating to adhere and maintain surface integrity, allowing it to handle the stresses of building movement.

Formulated for the Green Revolution

No toxic materials
Sealmark’s waterproof coatings are VOC-compliant, meeting all national government standards, as well as standards put forth by the city of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana. They are environmentally safe in both suspension and a cured state, having no harmful vapors to irritate skin or respiratory systems. Moreover, these state-of-the-art materials will not support combustion (ASTM-E-108) and are water soluble prior to curing.

Resists mold and mildew
Sealmark coatings not only resist dirt pickup, but also attack algae, mold, mildew, acid rain, and salt water. When tested against fungal resistance in ASTM-DO3273-73T (tropical chamber exposure), results proved extremely resistant to mold and mildew. More importantly, customer feedback confirms this terrific benefit.

Unmatched Protection from the Old Problems!

No cracks
Standard cementitious veneer coats inherently microcrack. In addition, thermal expansion and contraction contribute to further deterioration. The ability of Sealmark technology allows for a minimum of 200% elongation (ASTM-D-412) as well as passing the ICBO SPEC for severe freeze/thaw cycles. No cracks, no water migration.

No peeling / disbonding
Sealmark’s specially formulated waterproof paint coatings protect exterior walls against damaging UV rays and environmental exposure, thus preventing surface deterioration. Sealmark technology provides elastomeric properties that guard against surface breaks that result in peeling, woodpecker holes, blistering, chipping, or flaking.

No serious color fading
UV rays are the single most damaging element attacking exterior surfaces, breaking down the chemical components within the coating. We have a wide range of available colors that are literally encapsulated, allowing no bleed-through. Sealmark is also highly resistant to dirt pickup. Thus, it is less prone to fading, providing a long-lasting color life.

No air leaks
Up to 40% of heating and cooling energy is wasted due to air leaks. Plus large amounts of water can be deposited into the interior of a wall assembly as a result of air movement. By eliminating air flow through exterior walls, Sealmark not only reduces energy bills, but saves costly future repairs from moisture damage.