Avalon at The Beach Club -
Gulf Shores AL

The Avalon Condos report states that over the 20 year warranty span of our coating, they will save $600,000 in energy costs based on today's energy cost numbers. Click the image for the full report.

Perkins Surgery Center - Baton Rouge, LA

Brick wall was leaking at the wall area and at the bottom as it transitioned onto the concrete slab. We installed a cloth like roofing membrane embedded in our roof coating to create a flexible flashing from the brick wall down onto the concrete slab. Then using our Waterproof Restoration Coating over the brick wall we were able to stop all water from penetrating the wall and the transition point between the brick wall and the concrete slab.

SeaChase Condo & Pool - Orange Beach AL

Sleep Inn - Ruston LA

Sun Destin Condo - Destin FL

Galleria Palms Condo - Orlando FL

Caribe Condos - Orange Beach AL

Cypress Village - Orange Beach AL

Kiva Dunes - Gulf Shores AL

Oceania - Gulf Shores AL


Strip Mall
Foley AL

Saint Joseph Catholic Church
Paulins LA

Residential Projects