Commercial exteriors refer to the outside surfaces of a commercial property, such as a restaurant, an office building, a business, or any other structure that is used by the public for commercial business. Because of the public nature of these buildings, it is important to keep them looking nice and important so that they provide safety to the employees and the customers that use it frequently.

Maintaining the integrity of your walls with our Waterproof Restoration Coating is easy, and can help prevent mold and mildew, peeling paint, cracks in walls and air leaks. Our Sealmark coatings are formulated to be superior to other waterproof paint products on the market, and to withstand the stress of building shifting and movement. They have also proven to keep air from passing through the walls, which contributes to greater energy efficiency.

Use on Any Material!

Commercial exteriors can be built with a number of materials, including: stucco, brick, wood, concrete or metal. Our Sealmark coating is compatible for use with any of these materials, and it can be applied simply with a paint roller, brush or paint spraying equipment.

Many times, customers of commercial businesses form their opinion of a business before they walk in, simply from looking at the building. Use this to your advantage and protect your building with one of our 300+ shades (plus custom matches) of Restoration Coating.

We are confident in our products, and offer a 20 year material warranty on our Restoration Coating products. If you are looking to spruce up your commercial exterior in Baton Rouge, contact Sealmark today!