EN-R-GY Roof

EN-R-GY Roof by Sealmark is a thermal-spheres fortified elastomeric roof coating that is a high tech solution for virtually ANY roofing surface or substrate. It is a unique blend of polymers, industrial-grade resins, rubber and thermal-spheres that form a liquid membrane system with proven capabilities to provide long-lasting protection for commercial, industrial, residential, or DIY applications.

Consider the Advantages!

Saves Energy
Sealmark’s thermal-spheres produce a protective shield around your roof that results in allowing thermostat settings to be lowered 5 to 8 degrees in winter and raised a like amount in the summer. Our roof coating also reflects 90% of damaging UV rays that ultimately cause cracking, blistering, and lifting. It meets or exceeds Energy Star ratings for roof coatings. A 10-year material warranty is available.

Superior Adhesion
Elastomeric properties allow the roof coating to form a permanent bond that won’t peel, chip, or produce chalking.

Exceptional Flexibility
An elongation factor of over 200% eliminates thermal shock and roof movement through expansion and contraction that can produce cracking. Maintains elastomeric properties after many years and is perfect for withstanding those hot Baton Rouge summers.

Highly Resistant
To mildew, chemicals, fungus, acid, rain, salt water, rust, dirt pickup, and ponding water.

Environmentally Safe
VOC-compliant. No harmful vapors.

Sealmark roof coatings are eight times more water resistant than most asphalts. Our product showed no penetration from ponded water after four weeks of rigorous testing.

Stretch Test
Confirms the ability of Sealmark coating to maintain total integrity on a rubber substrate while competitive materials exhibit cracking and separation.

Fire Resistant
Our roof coating has a Class A rating and will not support combustion. Thermal-spheres create a thermal barrier. In fact, Sealmark can protect a bare hand held an inch away from a torch!

Roof Temperature Test

When the exterior roof temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, Sealmark roof coating kept the interior temperature much cooler than other coating systems:

Outside temperature: 212°

Inside temperature with:
White Elastomeric Roof Coating: 200°
Aluminum Roof Coating: 200°
Asphalt Roof Coating: 240°
Sealmark Roof Coating: 184°


Easy to use!
Our roof coatings can be applied professionally by our Baton Rouge paint contractors, or you can apply the product yourself! The fluid solution is ready for use right from the pail or drum and can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray equipment. Usually requires only one coat for maximum weather protection. A second coating may be required depending on condition of existing surface. Drying time averages six hours. Coverage rates vary depending on the condition of the substrate. Soap and water cleanup only.


While some roof coatings are only offered in white, we have a wide range of colors available to meet your needs. Choose from over 300 different hues. Custom colors are also available.

Test Properties & Approvals

Accelerated Weathering

No signs of cracking, crazing, erosion, 2000 hours weathermeter



Exceeds maximum testing requirements


Bonding Strength

Passes – no failures


Impact Resistance

Withstood 160 pounds


Corrosion Resistance

300 hours salt fog test. No effect


Blistering Resistance

No blisters


Chemical Resistance

24-hour exposure to 16 chemicals; no effect


Freeze/Thaw Cycle

10 cold/hot cycles. No cracking or other deleterious effects





Hail Resistance

Passes – no fractures; 2” steel ball dropped repeatedly through a 21-4” diameter tube

Wind-Driven Rain Resistance

No moisture penetration after 4 hours


Fungal Resistance

No fungal growth; tropical chamber exposure


Abrasion Resistance

Withstood 500 liters of falling sand abrasion; no wear-through


Water Vapor Permeability

Average moisture vapor transmission without cracking .152


Water Resistance

No effect; Excellent



After 4 weeks, no water had penetrated through the coating system.

US Test Lab Procd.

Fire Resistance

Class A fire rating


Surface Burning

Flame spread index 15; Smoke developed 55


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